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 Roarin Kasynel

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Roarin Kasynel
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I. Information

Account Name: ForumStalker
Character Number: 1
Other Characters: N/A

II. Biographical Data

Name: Roarin Kasynel
Alias(es): N/A
Nickname: "Ninja"
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birth Date & Place: November 13; Bespin
Special Characteristics: N/A

III. Character Statistics

Weapon Skill: 18
Ballistic Skill: 8
Strength: 12
Constitution: 13
Dexterity: 16
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 18
Perception: 12
Charisma: 12

IV. Physical Data

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair Color & Style: Black and short
Eye Color & Shape: Blue
Skin Tone: White
Build: Lean but muscular.
Physical Ability & Limits: Relies on speed and stealth.
Physical Illness/Ailment: N/a
Clothing Style: Typical Jedi usually.
Distinguishing Features: None
Weapons: Two dark blue lightsabers.

V. Mental Data

Basic Alignment: Good
Goal(s): Wishes to become a Jedi Knight
Objective: Complete Training
Defining Characteristics: Headstrong
Likes: Himself
Dislikes: The Sith Order
Hopes & Desires: To rid the world of the Sith
Fears & Phobias:
Dirty Secret:
Attitudes Toward:
-Others: Wary
-Homeland: Accepting to a degree
Political Ratings: (ranges from -100 to 100)
-Confederacy of Independent Systems Remnant: 0
-Galactic Empire: 0
-Galactic Federation of Free Alliances: 0
-Galactic Republic Remnant: 0
-New Jedi Order: 50
-New Sith Order: -50
-Rebel Alliance Remnant: 0
-Zann Consortium: 0

VI. Social Data

Status: Middle Class
Political Alignment: Jedi Order
Marital Status: Single
Family: Deceased
Hobbies: Force training
Languages: Galactic Basic
Literacy: Galactic Basic

VII. Powers & Abilities Data

Talents & Skills: Shows promise in stealth and speed. He uses a combination of reverse- and standard-grip styles (where the left is in reverse and the right is in standard).
Force Abilities: Force push, Force Pull, Force Jump, Enhanced Lightsaber Control, Levitation, Force Speed, Enhanced Strength, Force Cloak, Force Stealth, Telekinesis.

VIII. Background Information

Starting Location: Ossus
History: At the age of 8, Roarin watched as his family was slaughtered by Imperial troops marching on the Cloud City. His sister, at the age of 12, picked up a blaster from a dead guardsman and began to fire into the mass of troops. A red light flew from the crowd and cut her down right infront of Roarin. The light returned to its source, a sith lord wielding two lightsabers, both blood red. Roarin's mother and father ran to him, and threw him into a nearby home. Just as he left their arms, the second saber ripped through his mother, and his father was caught mid-air. He was being choked to death by seemingly nothing at all. As Roarin watched his father die, he vowed one day to avenge his family's death.
After the assault was repelled, Roarin was forced to fend for his life in the streets of the Cloud City. He survived off of scraps of food from strangers and from a young girl whom he will always remember. She, to him, was the most beautiful girl in the universe, with her big brown eyes and her long brown hair. He spent many a cold nights waiting outside her home, waiting for the morning to come just so he could get a glimpse of her (and breakfast).
At the age of 15, he found work on a merchant's frigate. It was here he found his true calling. He found his passion for travel overcame all feelings for that girl in the Cloud City and learned everything he could about flying. The time aboard the vessel taught him how to run, and hide. During a particular flight to Coruscant the ship was attacked by pirates. Fighting consumed the ship as the merchants and mercenaries defended themselves. Roarin was in the lower hull where a squad of pirates were busy looting the place. The young Roarin found a pipe, which he used on this group of five creatures. The first two he dispatched of by hiding in the piping above a walkway. When the two came into striking distance, he pounced from his location and landed on the two Gungans. His pipe soon found its way into their skulls. He then pulled a blaster from one of the Gungans and fired continuously into the remaining three. Two fell, but the third was a monstrocity. The creature came barreling towards the young Roarin, but luckily he was agile from his years of work throughout the ship. He lept over the monstrocity and into the ceiling. As the creature turned around, Roarin sent the pipe straight into his armored head, but not with his own strength. To his suprise, the pipe was launched from his hand by a force he knew nothing about.
This small pirate attack lasted almost no time, and the pirates were soon fought off; but the ship had sustained heavy damages. It managed to find Coruscant, but the ship was to be stranded there for some time while repairs were made. Instead of waiting around, Roarin went on a tour of the city. While on this tour, he ran into a Master Jedi, who noticed Roarin's unique gifts immediately. The old man told Roarin stories of the Jedi Order, and offered him the chance to meet a Jedi Master. The man said for Roarin to meet this Master Jedi in the remains of the original Jedi Counsel building. So Roarin accepted and went there as requested where he found the old man wielding a lightsaber, not of red, but a deep blue. The man then convinced him to travel to Ossus, where he now resides and trains with his master, Master Valek Matare, that same old man.
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Roarin Kasynel
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