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 CloakShape fighter

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PostSubject: CloakShape fighter   CloakShape fighter I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 23 2012, 17:14

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Production information
Kuat Systems Engineering
Curich Engineering (modified)

CloakShape fighter



Technical specifications
15 meters

Maximum acceleration
3,200 G

Maximum speed (atmosphere)
950 km/h

Hyperdrive system
Hyperdrive sled or hyperdrive ring

Laser cannons (2)
Concussion missile launchers (2)
4 concussion missiles each, standard load

Pilot (1)

Cargo capacity
40 kilograms

1 day

The CloakShape fighter, or CS fighter, was a space and atmospheric fighter built by Kuat Systems Engineering decades before the Clone Wars.

These starfighters were not considered particularly agile or powerful when first introduced, but the reinforced hull made the vessel quite durable and overall they were generally considered adequate for their class. They had comparatively small powerplants which made them less than ideal for combat in deep space, but they performed competently in planetary atmospheres and were thus considered best suited to a defensive role.

The CloakShape's simple design, modular compartments, and universal adapters encouraged modification, allowing them to be fitted with a variety of aftermarket systems. A skilled mechanic could remove and replace entire systems with ease, and by the time of the Battle of Yavin it was widely considered impossible to find an "original CloakShape."

Upgrades were commonly available to provide a stronger power generator, greater fuel storage, stronger weapons, more advanced sensors and targeting computers, and more powerful engines. Upgrades could even add completely new systems such as deflector shields, or convert the cockpit into an escape pod. In stock form, these fighters did not include a hyperdrive, which is why a self-powered hyperdrive sled was a popular upgrade.

The most popular addition was the Curich Engineering rear wing and stabilizer conversion kit; it was so common that many assumed that the fighter originally came with the stabilizer. Even with the improved handling and turning radius provided by this modification, however, the CloakShape still had its flaws; like the Z-95 Headhunter, its relatively slow sublight speed allowed heavy weapons, normally useless against a starfighter, to target the sluggish craft.

By 10 ABY, they only cost 15,000 credits.
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CloakShape fighter
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