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 Viscount-class Star Defender

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PostSubject: Viscount-class Star Defender   Viscount-class Star Defender I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 08 2012, 22:55

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Production information
Mon Calamari Shipyards

Product line
Mon Calamari Star Cruisers

Viscount-class Star Defender

Star Defender
Cruiser (standard classification system)
Space station (standard classification system)

Technical specifications
17 kilometers

Hyperdrive rating
Class 1.0
Backup: Class 12

Heavy turbolasers (2,000)
Firing arc: 10 batteries fore, 15 batteries starboard, 15 batteries portside, 10 batteries aft
Turbolasers (2,000)
Firing arc: 10 batteries fore, 20 batteries starboard, 20 batteries portside
Assault concussion missile tubes (200)
Firing arc: 100 fore, 50 starboard, 50 portside
Ammunition: 30 missiles per tube
Heavy ion cannons (300)
Firing arc: 10 batteries fore, 20 batteries starboard, 20 batteries portside, 10 batteries aft
Point-defense laser cannons (500)
Firing arc: 20 batteries fore, 30 batteries starboard, 30 batteries portside, 20 batteries aft
Tractor beam projectors (40)
Firing arc: 20 fore, 10 starboard, 10 portside

Starfighters (3 wings)
Standard complement:
T-65A3 X-wing starfighters (60)
T-65XJ X-wing starfighters (12)
RZ-1 A-wing interceptors (48)
E-wing escort starfighters (48)
B-wing starfighters or K-wing assault starfighters (48)
Additional support vessels:
Shuttles (dozens)
Troop transports (dozens)
Dropships (dozens)
Landing barges (dozens)


12,500 troops

Cargo capacity
200,000 metric tons

6 years

The Viscount-class Star Defender was a very large warship developed by the Mon Calamari for use by the New Republic Defense Fleet.

The Viscount-class Star Defender was envisioned as the New Republic equivalent of an Executor-class Star Dreadnought. As such, it measured almost twice as much as the Mediator-class battle cruiser.

Although slightly shorter in length than the Executor-class, the superior construction skills of the Mon Calamari enabled the vessel to carry more starfighters, as well as having a substantially smaller crew. Its shape was also more compact than the Executor-class and it had heavier and more extensive armor. Dozens of docking clamps allowed the vessel to directly dock with many other capital ships at the same time.

The Viscount-class was equipped with over five thousand weapons systems, including heavy turbolaser batteries and assault concussion missile launchers. The Viscount's shields had backups, like previous Calamari designs, and were thus highly regenerative. The computers, electronic equipment and sensor systems were above and beyond those of an Imperial Star Dreadnought and it carried a HoloNet transceiver.

Ships of the class could carry hundreds of starfighters, as well as dozens of small support vessels, including frigate-sized ships. The class was also fitted with enough life pods to carry the crews of the ship itself, and also those of whatever smaller support vessels were carried at the time. This totaled a passenger-capacity of 500,000 individuals. The ship was also equipped with enough repair droids to cover the entire vessel during emergency repairs.

To support wounded in combat, the Viscount-class had hundreds of self-replenishing bacta tanks in its medical wings. It also had fighter repair bays, in these bays they would repair fighters and also maintain them.
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Viscount-class Star Defender
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