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 Player Base?

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Player Base? Empty
PostSubject: Player Base?   Player Base? I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 14 2012, 23:44

I don't think you need me to say that our player base is well... nonexistant. But, I'm going to use this topic to, hopefully, discuss ideas with the few of you that are indeed here.

1. What are some ways we can advertise the forums to absorb a higher player base? Any ways you can think of will help. Tell your friends, talk about it in idle chat once in a while, anything helps.

2. Current members not doing anything? This I can kinda understand considering the amount of people here, its hard to get something going. But to be honest, I have a hard time getting myself to do any work if you guys aren't going to use it to your advantage. That being said, I'd like to see some role play happening. Get to it guys!

3. Why aren't there any events? This, is mostly my fault. As is the no updating and blah blah blah. Yeah, I 've been inactive for a bit, thats changing now. I may not update all the time like I did before, but I'm certainly going to start checking this thing regularly again.

4. Miscellaneous Crap? This is the part were I ask you, the players, what Ideas you have to make the forums flow easier and gameplay, roll smoother. ^.^
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Player Base? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Player Base?   Player Base? I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 20 2012, 20:13

Question 1 Reply: I could advertise this on my Armorgames and Memetia forums if you think that would help.

Also, I still need to make a character. Would it be acceptable if I use a race from my own universe considering my lack of knowledge of Star Wars races and the fact that we intend to make this a Sci-Fi blend of universes in the near future?

My only other imput is that I know how it feels to have nobody posting on your forum, ShadowHeart. See aforementioned forum.
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Player Base?
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