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 Dreadnaught-Class Heavy Cruiser

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PostSubject: Dreadnaught-Class Heavy Cruiser   Sun Sep 09 2012, 00:31

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Production information
Rendili StarDrive

Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser

Heavy cruiser

Technical specifications
600 meters

116.5 meters

129.7/123.3 meters (including/excluding lower sensor array)


Engine unit(s)
6 ion engines

Hyperdrive rating
Class 2.0
Backup Class 18

Power output
Peak: ~1,93 × 1024 W

2,560 SBD (most common model c. 3 ABY)

1,216 RU

Quad laser cannons (20)
Turbolaser batteries (10)
Laser cannons (10)
Ion cannon (Unknown number)
Upgraded configuration:
Light quad turbolaser cannons (20)
Turbolaser batteries (15)
Turbolaser cannons (15)
Common modification:
Warhead launcher (1)
Standard load: 25 concussion missiles

1+ shuttle
Common Imperial refit:
12 TIE starfighters
Katana Fleet:
All Terrain Personal Transport

Docking bays

Escape craft
Several escape pods

Standard: 16,000 to 16,113
Katana fleet style variant: 2,200

Minimum crew
8,800 to 9,000 (minimal/no slave rigging)

3,000 troops

Cargo capacity
9,000 metric tons

2 years

The Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser, or simply the Dreadnaught, was a type of capital ship built for planetary occupation and space combat used by the Galactic Republic, Galactic Empire, New Republic, local governments and various other organizations.

The keel of the Dreadnaught-class ran nearly 600 meters with the bow overlapping to produce a clamshell-like appearance. Each vessel had a cluster of weapons blisters spread across the hull. The ship was designated a heavy cruiser in standard classification and was considered a downscaled warship when compared to the ship-designs from the Core.

The forward ventral portion of the Dreadnaught-class was used as a massive cargo hold, with a docking port located at the bow of the ship. Additional cargo holds were situated towards the center of the ship, in front of the areas housing the main reactor and secondary power generators. Docking ports were also located on either side of the ship.

Weapon systems included twenty quad laser cannons (six bow, seven port, seven starboard), ten laser cannons (five port, five starboard and mounted in blisters), and ten turbolaser batteries (five bow, five stern). Some ships were later customized to feature a warhead launcher for anti-starfighter defense.

Deflector shield projectors were also located inside some of the blisters flanking the hull, and the primary and secondary sensor transceivers were located towards the stern of the vessel, on the dorsal and ventral sides, similar to those on CR90 corvettes.

While technologically advanced at the time of its construction, the Dreadnaught-class lacked in sublight and hyperspace speeds (a Class 4 rating), suffered computer failures, and could not compete with comparable designs in terms of firepower and shielding. Between three and five Dreadnaught-class cruisers could outgun one Imperial-class Star Destroyer.

In addition to the technical drawbacks, Dreadnaught-class ships also required over 16,000 crewmembers to run at optimal performance—perhaps the highest crew per keel meter ratio of any modern starship. This high crew requirement put strains on recruitment efforts and turned supplying a Dreadnaught into a logistical nightmare. In comparison, slave-rigged Dreadnaughts reduced the complement requirements down to 2,200 crewmembers.

The initial design was not focused towards carrier duty, but as the ships were upgraded and refitted, the center cargo holds were converted to hangar space, and a common complement of 12 TIE starfighters was added to the vessel.

Unlike many contemporary warship designs, the Dreadnaught-class did not have an easily visible bridge section, opting to shelter the command decks and crew stations inside the main armored superstructure. These areas were located on the dorsal side of the bow.
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Dreadnaught-Class Heavy Cruiser
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