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 CF9 Crossfire Starfighter

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PostSubject: CF9 Crossfire Starfighter   CF9 Crossfire Starfighter I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 11 2012, 13:15

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Production information
Incom Corporation

CF9 Crossfire starfighter


Technical specifications
Maximum speed (atmosphere)
1,200 km/h

Engine unit(s)
Coldstar ion tri-engine

Hyperdrive rating
Class 1

Hyperdrive system


Sensor systems

Targeting systems

Navigation system

Laser cannons (4)
Proton torpedo launcher
6 Proton torpedoes

Pilot (1)

Gunner (1)

Cargo capacity
70 kg

1 week

Other systems

The CF9 Crossfire starfighter was a starfighter produced by Incom Corporation around 130 ABY and used by the Galactic Alliance and the Galactic Alliance Remnant.

A relatively short-but-bulky fighter, the Crossfire had a shorter length than previous Incom designed fighters such as the Z-95 Headhunter, the T-65 X-wing starfighter, and the more-recent X-83 TwinTail starfighter. Although it shares an indirect design lineage with the X-wing, the Crossfire is noticeably different in its configuration, with its four S-foils in front of a bulky fuselage rather than on its sides. The back S-foil could rotate, folding away for landing and dropping down for combat to form a cross-shaped configuration; this wing was particularly thin so that it would not obstruct the pilot's forward view. In attack position, the wing mounted laser cannons fired in an intersecting cross pattern, giving them longer reach than most starfighter based weapons.

The pilot controlled the fighter from an enclosed cockpit module in the rear of ship which was entirely sealed off from the rest of the vessel and also contained its sublight drive. In case of being shot down or some other emergency, the pilot would eject by disengaging the module from the rest of the fighter and use the sublight drive to steer towards safety. While cramped, the cockpit module was big enough for two beings, with a second seat facing the modules rearward for an optional gunner, who would control the rear-mounted light laser cannons, in a configuration similar to the Snowspeeders the Rebel Alliance used on Hoth. However, because of the limited firing arc of the back guns, and because the craft was prone to executing high speed maneuvers in combat, thus giving the gunner limited opportunities to fire back at pursuing craft, Crossfires very rarely had gunners assigned to them.

The Crossfire was designed primarily to fly long distances to reach its target, inflict maximum damage, and return home in one piece. For this, it followed the Incom ideology of being perfectly balanced between speed, maneuverability, durability and firepower. Compared to its opposite number, the Predator-class fighter, it was slightly less maneuverable but had better shields and armor, and as such it has become infamous and loved among GA pilots for its ability to take a punch and still fly. Its capabilities also made it an effective interceptor, as it was often used to ward off enemy fighters from friendly capital ships or bases.
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CF9 Crossfire Starfighter
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