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 BTL-S3 Y-wing Starfighter

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PostSubject: BTL-S3 Y-wing Starfighter   Tue Sep 11 2012, 15:24

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Production information
Koensayr Manufacturing

Product line
BTL Y-wing starfighter

BTL-S3 Y-wing starfighter

Assault starfighter


Technical specifications
16 meters

Maximum acceleration
2,700 G

Maximum speed (atmosphere)
1000 km/h

Engine unit(s)
2 Koensayr R200 ion jet engines (rated 250 KTU)

Hyperdrive rating
Class 1.0

Hyperdrive system
Koensayr R300-H hyperdrive motivator

Power plant
Novaldex power generator; Thiodyne 03-R cryogenic power cells and ionization reactor

Chempat shields (75 SBD)

Titanium-reinforced Alusteel alloy (40 RU)

Sensor systems
Fabritech ANs-5d sensor unit with PA-9r long range phased tachyon detection array and PG-7u short range primary threat analysis grid

Targeting systems
Fabritech ANc 2.7 tracking computer with SI 5g7 "Quickscan" imaging system

Subpro NH-7 flight control avionics

Taim & Bak IX4 or KX5 laser cannons (2)
ArMek turreted SW-4 ion cannon (1)
Aratech Flex Tube proton torpedo launchers (2)
10 torpedoes
20 proton bombs

Escape craft

Pilot (1)
Co-pilot/gunner (1)
Astromech droid (1)


Cargo capacity
110 kilograms

1 week

Other systems
Koensayr ballistic ejection seat
Detachable cockpit

The BTL-S3 Y-wing starfighter was a variant configuration of the BTL Y-wing starfighter. It was used primarily by the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

The BTL-S3 was the most common Y-wing configuration. A two-man strike starfighter, the first crew member piloted the craft, while the second acted as a gunner and controlled the two swivel-mounted ion cannons, located right on top of the cockpit.

Many Y-wings of this variant were modified with defensive rapid-fire blaster turrets replacing the ion cannon turret, and particle cannons instead of the dual laser cannons on the nose. These Y-wings were used as heavy capital ship destroyers, and were eventually phased out by the new B-wing starfighters.
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BTL-S3 Y-wing Starfighter
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