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Production information
Sienar Fleet Systems

Product line
TIE series

Twin Ion Engine Hunter


Technical specifications
Hyperdrive system

Ion cannons (2)
Laser cannons (2)
Proton torpedo launcher
Standard load: 12 torpedoes in total

Pilot (1)

The TIE Hunter was a starfighter from the TIE series used during the Galactic Civil War by the Galactic Empire. Developed by the Empire as a means of countering the Rebel Alliance's T-65 X-wing starfighter, The TIE Hunter was used exclusively by storm commandos, and as a result it was rarely seen and was something of an enigma.

Its wing configuration was roughly the reverse of a TIE/In starfighter. Similar to the T-65 X-wing starfighter, the TIE Hunter possessed S-foils, which meant that they would open in attack mode and close in normal flight. Unlike most other contemporary TIEs of the time, TIE Hunters were equipped with a hyperdrive and shields, making them more valuable than most starfighters the Galactic Empire utilized. Because of these characteristics, it was also considered to be the fastest TIE variant among the Imperial fleet.

They were equipped with a weapon load-out identical to that of the BTL Y-wing starfighter; two laser cannons, two ion cannons, and a proton torpedo launcher.

Some versions were equipped with a stygium cloaking device.
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TIE Hunter
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