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 Trade Federation Droid Bomber

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PostSubject: Trade Federation Droid Bomber   Sun Sep 16 2012, 17:27

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Production information
Haor Chall Engineering
Baktoid Armor Workshop

Advanced droid bomber

Droid starfighter

Technical specifications
Hyperdrive system

Laser cannons (4)
High capacity bomb bay (1)

Integrated droid brain


Cargo capacity

The Trade Federation droid bomber, or advanced droid bomber, was a droid starfighter used by the Trade Federation and later the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

The advanced droid bomber was armed with four laser cannons and a high capacity bomb bay. Although well armored and shielded, it was slow and lacked maneuverability. In most cases, the bomber was deployed in squadrons of five.

While the Vulture-class droid starfighters enjoyed both maneuverability and speed, these bombers were easy to hit due to the predictability of their flight path. Like the Vulture and other Federation starfighters, these craft were usually slaved to a central control computer, often aboard a Lucrehulk-class Droid Control Ship.

The craft was a Xi Char design.
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Trade Federation Droid Bomber
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