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 Hyena-Class Bomber

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PostSubject: Hyena-Class Bomber   Hyena-Class Bomber I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 16 2012, 18:39

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Production information
Baktoid Armor Workshop



Technical specifications
12.48 meters

3.1 meters

Maximum speed (atmosphere)
1,150 km/h

Light laser cannons
Proton torpedoes (6)
Concussion missiles (6)
Proton bombs (4)

Integrated droid brain


Cargo capacity

2 days

The Hyena-class bomber, also known as simply the Hyena bomber, was a droid bomber used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems as a heavy ordnance craft during the Clone Wars. The Hyena bomber also was used as a fighter, but only when needed. Due to its restricted availability, the Hyena-class bomber was missing in many key battles. The Hyena bomber could be armed with proton bombs, concussion missiles, and proton torpedoes. They also carried two light laser cannons for defense. The bomber saw service in different campaigns on planets such as Falleen and Ryloth.

The Hyena-class bomber was similar in design to the Vulture-class fighter, but had a broader fuselage and two "head" units. Unlike the Vulture Droid, the Hyena bomber's wings separated in the middle while in "walker" mode. Underneath the second, immobile head, there appeared to be a red photoreceptor protruding from the blue hull. The Hyena-class bomber was capable of carrying four Proton bombs, six Proton torpedoes and six Concussion missiles inside the bomb bay beneath the hull. The Hyena bomber also carried two light laser cannons which eliminated the need for fighter escort.

The Hyena-class bomber was originally designed as an air-to-surface Bomber. With its twin laser cannons and maneuverability, the Hyena bomber also was used as a fighter but only to support other fighters.
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Hyena-Class Bomber
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