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 Kuat Leisure, Proposal

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PostSubject: Kuat Leisure, Proposal   Wed Sep 19 2012, 18:30

Part 1: On the Job Experience?

The archaic tinging of metal on metal echoes through the factory. The sounds of the average mans work. The hustle and bustle of productivity. All of it brought a twinkle of light to Suzumi's heart. This, provided all went as planned, would be her way out of Kuat. Granted she works at the bottom of the chain now, she hopes to being able to make her way to the Kuat Drive Yards, and eventually off the planet. For now however, she will have to settle with Kuat Leisure, a subsidiary company of the Kuat Drive Yards. She stands there observing everything going on around her. The sights, the sounds, and the not so glorious smells. But all the same, its a start, and hopeful will get her what she wants.

“Hey, you! Newbie!” Shouts one of the technicians. “Can you get me that toolbox right there?” She looks to where the man has begun pointing and picks up the Toolbox with a quickness and rushes it over to the man, placing it next to him.
“Thanks newbie.” He says as he reaches into the box and returns to his work.
“No problem...” She says as she begins to wander around the facility. She doesn't wander around for very long though before being encountered by one of the supervisors.
“Hey now... Don't you know its dangerous around here? Why don't you head home now little girl...” He says as he tries to shoo her away. She firmly stands her ground.
“I'm not going anywhere unless its to see the foreman.”
“You wanna see the foreman? What for?”
“For a job... Why else?” The supervisor chuckles as she finishes her question.
“You wanna work here? That must be some sort of joke...” He continues to chuckle.
“I can assure you I am dead serious about this. So where's the foreman?” The man stops chuckling and shakes his head.
“Whatever you say lady... He's in his office.” He thumbs behind him to indicate direction. Suzumi walks past him without another word, heading straight for the Foreman's office. Upon reaching the door, she takes a deep breath, before knocking on the door. Muffled speaking can be heard from the other side of the door. Suzumi takes this as an opportunity to enter. She opens the door slowly, peeking inside. A scruffy looking man sat at the table in front of her, a half smoked cigar in his mouth.
“You gonna stare at my pretty face all day or are you gonna come in?” He asks almost sarcastically. Suzumi has just found herself staring at the man while hanging halfway in the room. She scoots herself into the room with a quickness, nodding her head to the Foreman.
“Sorry about that.” She says as she sits in the chair in front of his desk.
“It's no problem I suppose... What'cha need?” He asks as he flicks some ash off of his cigar.
“A job.”
“A job? Seriously?” He leans forward a bit.
“Yes. A job. Now preferably.”
“Is this some sort of joke? You just waltz in here, and expect me to give you a job?”
“Yes sir. That exactly what I expect you to do.” The Foreman chuckles.
“And say I do hire you... How do I know you won't just keel over on me while your working?”
“I'm a lot sturdier than I look... But supposing that did happen, I would not hold you or the company responsible.” The Foreman scratches his chin.
"Well, if I do hire you, you might need to sign a waiver." the foreman replied, quite dastardly at that fact, using a person's willingness against them. The Imperial military was taking personnel for the Kuat Systems Engineering to produce warships.
"Well, that depends I suppose... What does it entail?" She says leaning forward some in the chair as she can sense the opportunity of getting of Kuat getting closer. Considering the situation, she'll agree to next to anything, she just wants to know what she is getting into before she does.
"Well..." the foreman replied, he knew what he was doing, it wasn't ethical, but profitable. "Besides the standard waiver due to the... Questionable environment, you'd also be working for a lower wage and reduced benefits due coming in unannounced." the Foreman continued on. He didn't mind if some chap barged in, he needed workers, acquiring cheap labour was always good for a business.
"Well..." She starts fiddling with her hair to try and make it a little less obvious how excited she was. She already knew the answer that she was going to give to the man, she was just stalling for time to make it seem as though she was thinking about it.
"Alright. I can do that if that's what I need to do to get the job." She beats herself up for saying it that way. Making it pretty obvious she would have taken the job no matter the circumstances. She offers her hand to the man to shake.
"I look forward to working for you." She says with a smile, already leaving the thoughts of her mistake behind. She was just happy to have a job. And one that pays better than most due to the conditions of the work, and made it more likely that she would run into a smuggler or other ship-fairer to get her off this planet....
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{Admin} ShadowHeart

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PostSubject: Re: Kuat Leisure, Proposal   Wed Oct 24 2012, 19:32

35 days have passed since her beginning work at Kuat Leisure. Suzumi has been working hard every day, and making plans behind the scenes to get off world. So far, no luck. It urns out that doing grunt work doesn't get you very close to those who work the ships they sell. Coupled with the fact that they sell Leisure ships, its not like she has had many options. But still, she tries everyday and perhaps she will get a lead sometime soon. And if not, She is still accumulating funds so that if she needs to, somewhere down the road, she can purchase her own ship.
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Kuat Leisure, Proposal
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