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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 11 2012, 19:20

A Note about these Rules:

This Forum is a role-playing forum. It is a collaboration of creativity in which each player assumes the role of an individual. There are no points awarded. There are no maximum scores. There are no Winners. There is no End Point.

For maximum enjoyment for yourself and the other players here, respect each other and Stay
In-Character! Keep in mind that there are other real people behind these personae so have fun, but not at the expense of others. When asked to cease either by another player or by a moderator, do so. It's a game.

A Note about the Moderators:

The moderators are players just like you. They've been asked and have accepted the additional task of helping everyone to enjoy Universe at War just as much as they do. It is a volunteer job, and they receive no special benefits. In fact, their characters are held to an even higher standard, so keep that in mind when communicating with them. They have feelings too and are doing this for you, for the community.

The moderators would be happiest if they didn't have to have any rules and the RP could be
allowed to run wild, only limited by our imaginations. Sadly though, sometimes individuals can't or choose not to control themselves. Then moderators must step in and nudge things back to a better place. A good day is a day in which the moderators do no more than read and enjoy your posts. A bad day is when they have to write a little reminder or, far worse, impose a ban.

Please read and understand these rules. It is your responsibility to be cognizant of them. We do hope that they never need to be applied to you but if they ever do, take responsibility, learn, and make sure you never have to worry about running afoul of them again. If you have any questions ask your local moderators, they are happy to help guide you.

And so on to.....

Forum Rules


Each player is responsible for his or her posts and for all content in those posts, whether verbal or graphic, including avatars and banners. Posts by NPCs or "masks" are deemed to be made by the moderator who created the NPC. The following rules are meant to help everyone in this role-play
environment. Remember that if you think that something may be wrong, it probably is, and you should check the rules.

Again, the most important thing to keep in mind is that this is a game - it is supposed to be fun. When it stops being fun for you or for someone else, it is time to step back and to consider whether you are staying within the limits of these rules.


Rule 1: Language Usage

The official language of this board is English, and all communication shall be written in English. If another language is used for role-play purposes, it will be minimal, and an accurate translation must be provided within the post and easily found. The only exception is that banners and avatars may display foreign phrases (as long as they coincide with the Forum Rules) without the need of a translation, although players must provide accurate translations upon request.


1. This rule applies to all content, including banners, signatures, avatars, and other graphics posted on the forums.

Rule 2: Proper Post Placement

Posts must be appropriate to the forums in which they are posted. With a few exceptions, all posts must be made in character unless posted with some indication of OOC. If no indication of OOC is provided, it is assumed to be in character. Posting inappropriately after being warned either by private message or forum posting will be considered violation of this rule. All areas other than designated off-topic areas and the Chat box are role-play forums. Any posts containing unlabelled out of character content will be moved out of sight.


1. Threads that do not fit the requirements of an area will be moved by the moderators to the
appropriate forum. Duplicate topics are forbidden.

Rule 3: Flaming, Harassment, & Baiting

Passionate and emotional Role Play can be the most interesting and exciting. Real people with real feelings exist behind the characters, however, and, therefore, there is a limit to what is allowed. Rule 3 defines what will be considered as excessive and actionable role-play and
out of character postings. This rule applies to all posts made.

1. Role-play that reaches an excessive degree of harassment, insults, slander, flaming, uses vulgar language or is written for the express purpose of inciting anger or debasing another will be considered violation of Rule 3.1.
2. Out of character insults, flames and harassment will not be tolerated under any circumstances and will be considered in violation of Rule 3.2.
3. Insults, which are not fully role-played, are deemed to be directed toward another player rather than a character, thus out of character and subject to Rule 3.3.
4. Bigotry is unacceptable. A players' real life race/ethnicity, sex/gender identity, age,
religion/spirituality, sexual preference/orientation, nationality, socioeconomic status, political affiliation, or disability may not be discussed and may not be ridiculed. Any posts or sections of posts of this nature will be considered in violation of Rule 3.4.


A. Posts which violate rule 3 will be moved out of sight.
B. Reference to real political or religious institutions or use of
their images, language, phrases or slogans is forbidden, as is using
terminology such as Internet, AIM, computer, America, Canada or Europe.
Any post containing this language shall be considered out of character and subject to rule 3.2.
C. Flaming is defined as: posting any material that is deliberately hostile, insulting, inflammatory, vulgar or socially charged for the purpose of inciting anger or debasing
another player's out of character reputation and/or integrity.
D. Harassment is defined partially as (but not limited to): following a player character from thread to thread and insulting them instead of contributing to the thread; bringing up the same topic or argument within the same thread or across different threads whether or not it is related to the thread topic; continuing to post insulting responses once notified that the posts are over the line; threatening to call in the moderators in response to an insult*; making claims of fact relating to past actions that are unverifiable.(*complaints about other players are to be sent by private message only to moderators)
E. Baiting is defined as posting material that is perceived to have the sole purpose of inciting a negative and/or violent response from another player, regardless of whether the original "baiting post" is in character or out of character.
F. Accusations of inflammatory content will be weighed on the basis of both content and any established history between the posters to determine their intent.

Rule 4: Sexual Content

While role playing can be descriptive in nature, players must refrain from offensive content in any form. Offensive content, whether IC or OOC, includes sexual content (i.e. discussion past hugging, kissing, or touching places outside of what is visible in bathing suits). Be creative with your character's feelings, but not offensive.


1. Posting links to any site which violates any part of Rule 4 will be considered a violation of Rule 4.
2. Rule 4 applies to all graphics and words, including the ones used for avatars, banners and signatures. Graphics may not display any of the following: nipples, genitalia, full frontal or rear nudity.
3. Conflict in role play may involve passionate interaction, but profanities may not be used. Be creative and use another way to express your character's feelings. And a third time, if you are not sure, then your choice of words is probably going too far. The use of *** or acronyms to disguise sexual content is not allowed.
4. Characters in role play may hug, kiss, and touch each other in areas not generally covered by a swimsuit. Any actions beyond this may be considered in violation of Rule 4. You are expected to “fade the scene” or “close the door” to the public on any other intimacy. If you are not sure, then your actions are probably going too far.

Rule 5: Solicitation

Items of a commercial nature or soliciting for any commercial or charitable organization may not be posted in any form. Items found in violation of this rule will be removed immediately without consent from the poster, and the poster will be subject to a warning.

Rule 6: Spam

Spam may be for dinner, but it is not acceptable. Some types of spam include: opening up multiple topics on the same theme either in the same forum or over multiple forums, posting several times in a row, posting comments that have no relevance to the thread topic, or resurrecting a dead thread without an acceptable reason. The only exception is an RP event announcement that is role-played.

Rule 7: Inappropriate Content

You are responsible for anything you post: Links to other sites, quoted posts, screenshots, repeated communications from others can enrich role play and be otherwise useful, but please remember that when you post something, you are responsible. All content is subject to the forum
rules. Even if you did not originally write it, you are the one who will be edited and/or sanctioned if the material violates forum rules.

A. You may not post, paraphrase or post a screenshot of the contents of communications (forum based private messages, in-game mail, e-mail) without permission of the original writer(s).
B. You may not post copies of recorded 'conversations' whether or not there is consent. This includes any form of written text that is copied whole or in part, including instant messages, in-game or forum mail, email, etc. Special allowance may be made for special events with prior censor approval.
C. No one may post any content, quoted or paraphrased, that includes any identifying real life information about another player. Adults may post their own photographs in “show yourself” threads. Anyone between the ages of 13 and 16 may do so if a statement of the poster’s age is made.


1. Anyone who reposts private communications is responsible for being able to prove that consent has been given. If it has not specifically been given already it is recommended that a statement be made such as "permission to repost granted by *character name*".
2. Contents of private forums, other than the staff forums, may be reposted on the public forum. If the participants of a private forum wish their contents to remain private, they may post such a rule in the announcements in that forum, but violations of any private forum private rules are to be dealt with by the members of the private forum and not by the forum moderators.
3. When posting offsite material, the platform of forum designation must be taken into account just as with normal posting. (e.g. In Character areas versus game-related areas versus out of
character areas).
4. Links that lead to sources which contain material that is in violation of forum policies will be removed and may be sanctioned as if such content had been created by the poster.
5. Screenshots from offsite forums that cannot be corroborated in their authenticity and/or could be altered to defame are not allowed. Only if the forum they were re-posted from is accessible to the community as a whole, with no restriction so that the community can see, in context, that these screenshots are authentic in content, it is legal to print them with a link to their source.
6. If you see a forum violation or have a complaint about another player's behavior whether in private messages or ingame messages received, tavern conversations, scrollers, etc., do not quote or post screenshots of the offensive material on the forum. Reposting offensive material for any reason may be treated as if you posted the material in the first place. The correct way to react when seeing offensive material is to contact a moderator by private message.
7. Posting on behalf of a banned player in any form is prohibited. If it is urgent that particular information be conveyed, you may request permission from the forum administrators by private message. Permission will rarely be granted.

Rule 8: Complaint/Appeal Hierarchy

All players are expected to handle complaints regarding OOC matters via the appropriate non-public channels. All players must follow the chain of command when dealing with complaints regarding our rules and policies. This is to ensure that all players receive a fair and equal process without discrimination. If you feel that a player has broke any rule or policy, you should follow the below steps. You should not proceed to the next step until you have contacted the previous.

It is imperative that all players understand that there could be up to 48 hours from original contact that a response is given as well as the fact that punishment of a person is not discussed with the person making a complaint. Players who are notified of punishment may appeal the
decision to the General Administrator first. All decisions made are final.


1. If the compliant is about a moderator, start at the second step by contacting the Admin.
2. Please note: your consent upon registering for this forum granted your acceptance of the following:
You agree that the webmaster, administrator and moderators of this forum have the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic at any time should they see fit.

3. Posting complaints about other players or accusing them of forum violations may be judged as harassing that player, whether there is just cause for the complaint or not. Alert and let the moderators take care of it!

Rule 9: Protesting Administration or Moderator Actions

Game owner mandate prohibits the use of the forums to protest or criticize any moderation by the moderators or any administrative action taken against players by Forum Administration. Constructive critique and discussion of the Administration's changes or additions to the game is
allowed in the Questions forum.


1. Complaints about Administrative or Moderator action must be made by private message and follow the Grievance process laid out in Rule 8.

Violations to these rules may result in a private warning, suspension (either forum/chat-box) up to eradication, and are enforced within 48 hours of PM, when you accept the violation, or immediately upon final decision by the Administrative team on final appeal. The specific punishment will be determined by the previous history of the poster and the severity of the violations as seen fit by the Moderation/Administrative team. If you have questions regarding the rules, please feel free to PM your local Moderator or Administrator. Thank you for taking the time to read the rules and we hope you enjoy your time at our Forum!
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Forum Rules
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