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 Role-Play Rules

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PostSubject: Role-Play Rules   Role-Play Rules I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 11 2012, 19:34

Role-playing Guidelines

1. Universe at War is an English-based game, and therefore, all RP posts must be written in English. Speech or thoughts may be written in another language, but it's polite to provide a translation. With the exception of letter and journal threads, RP posts should be written in past tense and in the third person. Also, use formal language in your posts: no chat speak, 1337 speak, or needless abbreviations. Please also use a spelling or grammar check on your IC posts.
2. Quality first, then quantity: There are no word caps or word minimums for posts. However, please make your posts count. A good rule of thumb would be to post as much as the person above you. Another good guideline would be to make your posts at least a paragraph long. Any shorter, and your post probably isn't contributing much to the thread. If a staff member asks you to make your posts longer, please comply.
3. Please post regularly. We know people have lives, but remember that you made a commitment to post when you joined an RP thread. Therefore, we have a monthly activity check. You may miss two consecutive activity checks without penalty, but may be marked inactive after the third missed check. If you're going to be leaving for a certain time, you may be excused from the check if you've posted an announcement on the absences board. You may play as many characters as you can keep up with.
4. No power playing. In other words, never control another player's character without their permission. Further, please keep things open ended in your posts; do not force perceptions or actions on other characters.
5. No god-modding. You may not make your characters invincible, omniscient, or all-powerful. Your character can react to the other character's visible actions and appearance, speech, etc, but keep what you know and what your character knows separate. If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to PM the character's player.
6. Death is a natural part of life, even in a role-playing game. Your character can die in this game. Once your character is dead, there is no way to bring him or her back to life, unless another acquires sufficient attributes to revive your character. In which case, those should have been discussed and approved by the Administration prior to the role-play.
7. Please keep OOC comments in role-play threads short. If you must include OOC comments, tag them with "OOC" or something so we know that they are not part of the RP. Please use the Plot Discussion forum or PMs for longer conversations.
8. Any member holding a "leading" role in one faction may not be a "leading" role in the faction opposite them. For example, an Imperial Warlord may not be a Rebel General. While any member can create characters for the opposite faction, they may not create a "leading" role within the faction. This also is part of the no "dual leading factions" rule.
9. No one may post a topic/post which predicts the future of a topic/post which is currently being role played or as we call it "real time" topic/posts; anyone seen doing this will result in the removal of the topic and a moderator review.
10. On the subject of being multiple places at once. Your character cannot be at multiple places at one time. On the chance that RP stagnates, contact a Moderator or Administrator for either A) Continuation of RP, or B) Removal from the stagnated subject.
11. After two weeks of a battle, skirmish, or other larger "battle" going inactive, the Staff will rule in favor of whoever has the upper hand within the battle. Therefore, factors including:

-- Which party is not responding (Attack or defense)
-- Superior forces (Attack or defense)
-- Misc circumstances (Gravity wells, reinforcements, etc)

This system will be used for any "battles" that are inactive for two weeks (or a week with staff approval). If members of the topic post that they will be inactive, or be away due to reasons, then that will be an added post of time, however, we cannot wait months for your reply; it must be in a timely manner.
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Role-Play Rules
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